Things Will Not Help Us Survive Motherhood but Services Will

When I was pregnant with my daughter, like other moms, the baby registry was one of the most daunting tasks to complete. An entire industry profits on the fear and uncertainty of first time moms, who have anxiety about what they can expect and how they will manage motherhood. We are made to feel that the right product will make our transition to motherhood easier. We will rock motherhood, if we have that perfect stroller or the warmer to heat the wipes or the expensive nursery. What a scam!

Friends, who had their babies before I did, sent me their spreadsheets with products, links, reviews, costs, and their own research, a spreadsheet worthy of any company. There were pages and pages of products. The minimalist in me (read: clutter phobe) was selective but still ended up getting more than I needed. 

There is a significant difference between what you think you need and what you get vs what you actually need and use once baby arrives. You also don't know what...

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