How I'm Helping My Daughter Overcome Her Nut Allergy

No parent needs to discover that their infant has a potentially severe nut allergy while having their first birthday celebratory cake. In 2016, that’s where we found ourselves. I had family visiting, who don’t eat eggs, so I made a vegan cake made of cashews and walnuts. After her first bite in, my daughter started breaking out in a rash and then came the vomiting. My husband and cousins rushed out to get Benadryl. We were able to get it under control, but we were terrified.

We immediately made an appointment to see the pediatrician, who feared a nut allergy and referred us to a well-known allergist in Arlington. Neither of us had a family history, and I ate lots of nuts in pregnancy and postpartum, so it came as a surprise.

After skin pricks and blood tests that left all of us drained, it confirmed our fear and worse. My daughter was allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, eggs, and sesame seeds. We were devastated, fearful for her wellbeing, and worried how we would...

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