About Us

A few months after leaving my job as Director of Resident Engagement at an affordable housing organization, I came across an article about infant massage in an Indian magazine. I remember thinking "This stuff is so powerful. Do moms in America know about this?" A quick Google research uncovered an upcoming training to be certified as an instructor of infant massage by the International Association of Infant Massage.

The night before the first day of training, my two year old had her first and only ear infection. We were at Urgent Care at 4:00 am and I debated leaving a sick child and going to the training in three hours. My husband encouraged me to go but I felt so much guilt about leaving a sick child, who needed her mom.

As I went through the week long training, my belief in infant massage, an ancient cultural tradition, was furthered strengthened as I learned the art and science of massaging your baby. I knew I had made the right decision about leaving my daughter.

The third night of the training, my daughter, who was now all better, was up at midnight crying. As a mother, I was now able to distinguish the cries and knew this one was gas related. I remembered how daycare said she had had a lot of sweet potatoes that day so I knew it was gas. I performed the gas/colic routine I had learned that very day and my daughter had 3 explosive diapers and slept beautifully the rest of the night! Even I was skeptical that it would work but, after that experience, I was fully converted. 

I am certified by the International Association of Infant Massage to provide instruction to parents on massaging their babies addressing sleep, gas/colic, immunity, bonding, congestion, growth, and so much more.

I graduated from LSU with a Bachelors in Sociology and International Studies and from GMU with a Masters in Public Administration in Nonprofit Management. In my former career, I dedicated my work to community development and affordable housing in low income communities.

I am passionate about holistic living and want to share the power of infant massage with as many parents as possible. I also co-hosts a weekly video series called Mom Meets World, where the mission is to honor and to celebrate the birth of a mother and the goals are to share resources and wisdom so women can make empowered choices and to build community, which we all need to thrive in motherhood.  I believe if every baby had a chance to experience loving, physical touch on a regular basis, our world would look very different.

I live in the DC area with my husband and four year old daughter. I love yoga, meditation, travel, dancing, and exploring new places in my free time. 

Vyana Infant Massage LLC supports parents in alleviating the most common challenges in baby through teaching the art and science of baby massage.  Daily massage leads to a physically, emotionally, and socially healthier baby.  In the short term, baby massage addresses sleep, gas/colic, congestion, immunity, mobility, digestion, postpartum depression, breastfeeding challenges, bonding, and so much more. Vyana Infant Massage provides instruction through a comprehensive digital course as well as a mini- course on gas/colic.