Healthy Baby. 

Happy Mama.

Get  Instant Results  to Common

Problems with Infant Massage

Reduce fussiness and crying from gas/colic

Longer and deeper sleep for baby

and parents

Improve bonding & communication

within families

Hey there! I'm Khyati

Nice to Meet You!

I’m a mother and infant massage instructor.  I am passionate about  teaching parents how to bond with their babies and help their babies sleep better, digest better, and breathe better.  I've combined the art and science of the ancient tradition of infant massage with the experience and heart of a mother so that other parents can expand their toolbox of natural ways to help their babies be healthier and happier. Vyana Baby Massage teaches you simple, easy to learn touch techniques for common ailments and challenges. We also share additional information around oils and other modalities that will help your baby have the best possible start in life. Baby massage is not an activity, it's a lifestyle. So, won't you join us?

My Offerings


Some of Our Happy Babies 

and Happy Moms and Dads

For life-changing tips 
on calming your baby AND a free video training on the one simple stroke to relieve constipation, let's connect!

Digital Class

(over 50 strokes)

Private Group Class

(2 classes)

What They're Saying

Khyati is a great guide to learning the ancient tradition and benefits of infant massage!

- Angela

Our family absolutely adored our time with her and we wholeheartedly rant and rave about her services.

- Ashley 

I have to say the best part of infant massage is the wonderful bonding experience--the parents enjoy doing the massage as much as the baby enjoys receiving it!

- Kristin

As a first time mother struggling with breastfeeding issues, Khyati's classes helped us bond in a positive way.

- Sarah