Things Will Not Help Us Survive Motherhood but Services Will

When I was pregnant with my daughter, like other moms, the baby registry was one of the most daunting tasks to complete. An entire industry profits on the fear and uncertainty of first time moms, who have anxiety about what they can expect and how they will manage motherhood. We are made to feel that the right product will make our transition to motherhood easier. We will rock motherhood, if we have that perfect stroller or the warmer to heat the wipes or the expensive nursery. What a scam!

Friends, who had their babies before I did, sent me their spreadsheets with products, links, reviews, costs, and their own research, a spreadsheet worthy of any company. There were pages and pages of products. The minimalist in me (read: clutter phobe) was selective but still ended up getting more than I needed. 

There is a significant difference between what you think you need and what you get vs what you actually need and use once baby arrives. You also don't know what...

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How Pregnancy Affects Baby's Early Years: Conscious Pregnancy

Conscious Pregnancy Guest Blog for Goodhew Photography

When mamas are pregnant, they're educated about the importance of eating well and being active but there is so much more to that. Take a look at my guest post for Goodhew Photography:


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Are Wellness and Well-being Secondary Thoughts in America?

“Typical American diets exceed the recommended intake levels or limits in four categories: calories from solid fats and added sugars; refined grains; sodium; and saturated fat”

Only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week

"Roughly 20% of Americans have a sleep disorder. Since 1985 the percentage of adults getting less than six hours sleep each night has increased by 31%.”

“In the United States, about 55 percent of adults said they had experienced stress during “a lot of the day” prior, compared with just 35 percent globally.”

“1 in 5 Americans rarely, if ever, feel close to others, and only about half, 53 percent, report having meaningful, in-person social interactions with friends or family on a daily basis.”

We know very well the staggering physical, emotional, social, and mental health statistics in America. We can also venture to understand why we have those statistics....

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Cultural Appropriation & Responsible Integration

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2020

Turmeric. Ghee. Quinoa. Acai. Palo Santos. The list goes on. What do all of these items have in common? Well, they’ve been in existence and in use by ancient cultures for thousands of years and are subject to cultural appropriation.

As I was growing up, when cold season and the inevitable sniffles came around, the ancient Indian concoctions made their appearance. Against much resistance, my parents urged us to try these home remedies. One of these was a cup of warm milk with turmeric. This is better known today as a “golden milk latte.” We made faces at the taste and questioned the ability of something put together in a kitchen to heal us (I've since grown the wiser).

For many years, until I was in my 20’s, allopathy and western medicine were where I placed my faith, value, and importance. These people know what they're talking about with their white coats and fancy commercials.

There was so much of the ancient Indian culture and spirituality that I had at my...

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How An Energy Healer Helped Alleviate My Toddler's Tantrums

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2019

A mother’s intuition is one of the strongest forces out there and it wasn’t until I tapped into mine that things started shifting. After months...

How An Energy Healer Helped Alleviate My Toddler’s Tantrums

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V- Steam or Yoni Steam (aka Vaginal Steam)

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2019

I think it's safe to assume that the majority of women in America have not heard of a V-steam or Yoni (Sanskrit word meaning womb or vagina) Steam though Gwyneth Paltrow and Christy Teigen recently sang its praises. I did not hear about it from them. I heard about this practice from my acupuncturist, whom I've known for over 10 years (as featured in the bonus portion of the course) and whom I trust completely. His wife had recently became certified to offer and practice this therapy. I learned about it a few months ago and  was curious so I decided to give it a try. If it's a safe, natural and holistic treatment, I'm willing to try almost anything. 

The treatment involved disrobing completely and wearing a gown on top while sitting on a box with a whole in it.  Stay with me here. Inside the box is a pot of steaming water filled with feel good herbs. I was sitting on the box over the pot of steam for about 20 minutes though this may vary based on your...

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Do You Have Your Dream Team, Mama?

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2019

A dear friend of mine is pregnant and was sharing how anxious the registry is making her. Do you remember those days? Funny how not stressful it seems when you're on the other side but nesting is a thing y'all. (Aside: We used babylist for our registry, which I loved because it didn't limit us to one store). I told her not to stress about the things she should buy and acquire but instead focus on supportive services. The truth is there is very little that you NEED after baby comes (though there are lots of nice to haves). What you NEED are services that will help you heal physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We don't have the benefit of having a nurse check on us for a year after baby comes like they do in Canada or covered physical therapy to help our pelvic floor recover like they do in France or having mom and baby massaged and bathed for months after birth like they do in India. After baby arrives we're on our own to figure it out or suffer.

There is so much time, money, and...

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The Loss Art of Singing to our Babies

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2019

A recent poll of 2,000 people found that millennials are ditching the bedtime ritual of singing lullabies and are singing less often to their kids than previous generations and it's having a detrimental effect. Only a third of people are singing to their kids! The benefits of singing range from improved bonding and language development to reduced stress and anxiety.

Listen. I'll be the first to admit that most nursery rhymes are pretty dark, violent and messed up. Doesn't it seem like death and disease are present in all of of them? And lullabies aren't exactly taught or passed down. How would one learn if no one has taught them?

My daughter is a toddler now and I've been singing to her every night since she was an infant. Now, I was lucky. When I was in college, my first niece was born and came to live with us while her parents had to work. My mom was raising her with the help of me, my dad, and my other sister. Of course, I witnessed the beauty and power of baby...

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Voluntary House Arrest

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2019

I want to share one of the best decisions we made in those first few months after our baby girl was born. We were reluctant and, at times, wanted to throw in the towel, but, in hindsight, we're so glad we listened to my mom on this one. 

In many parts of India, after a baby is born, the mother and child will not leave the home and not have visitors for the first 100 days.  Only immediate family could visit. We adopted this practice. This was hard for some friends and relatives and for us, who so needed the social interaction and just a break from the grueling time of caring for a newborn. 

Doctors visits were expected so that wasn't off the table but, otherwise, our friends didn't meet our precious daughter until she was almost 4 months old.  And we're so glad. As the mom, my job was to focus on taking care of my daughter while my husband and mother helped take care of her and me. I didn't have to worry about hosting anyone, asking people to come or leave at...

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